Hermes Handmade Bag of Hong Kong China

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Guangzhou Hermes bag wholesale, Kelly 25cm, Togo leather, beeswax thread hand-stitched, Handmade Bag, high-end private customization
Commodity brand: Hermes
Series: Hermes Kelly Kelly series
Commodity number: None
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China Hermes Kelly2021 flagship store price:
Original leather semi-manual 2800; original leather French wax thread semi-manual 3800; original leather French wax thread all handmade 6800.(Different quality and different price)
Manufacturer: GS Factory
Color: Agate Blue/Beige/Asphalt Grey/Emerald Green/Seagull Grey/Garnet Red/Clay Yellow/Rose Pink/Cream White/Pinware Grey/Elephant Grey/Avocado Green/Northern Blue/Amber Gold/Glacier Blue/Denim Blue
Specification: 25CM/28CM/32CM
Material: Imported top Togo cowhide/TC leather
Quality level: top quality of the original order
Place of Origin: MADE IN Paris (Guangzhou Baiyun World Leather Trade Center of China)
Accessories: dust bag, authenticity card, instruction manual
Packing: original dust bag + exquisite outer packaging paper bag

How to distinguish the Hermes KELLY bag is a semi-manufactured bag or a handmade bag?
China Guangzhou is the distribution center of Hermes bags, and the global high-end private Hermes bags are basically from Guangzhou.
Private customized Hermes bags are mainly sold in Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, the United Arab Emirates and the United States. Because of their perfect quality and high degree of simulation, they are sought after by overseas Chinese.
Guangzhou Hermès handbags can be divided into three types: original leather semi-manual, original leather French wax thread semi-manual, and original leather French wax thread all handmade.
Semi-handmade original leather: The leather is made of the same type of leather imported from France and genuine, some parts are sewn by lathes, and some parts are hand-sewn, reaching high-quality original Hermes bags. The disadvantage is that some lines are rough and waxed. There are glitches. Most of the handmade bags on the market are semi-manufactured original leather and the price is around 2500.
Original leather French wax thread semi-manual: On the basis of the original leather semi-manual, imported French wax thread is used, the lines are round and clear, and the leather and stitching will not be waxy.
The original French wax thread is all handmade: on the basis of semi-manual, all are sewn by hand, every detail is very meticulous and in place, the texture is excellent, and it is extremely difficult to find the difference from the original product.

The origin of Hermes Kelly bag
The prototype of the Kelly bag was inspired by a saddle-mounted leather bag (Hautacourroies) in 1892. In 1935, the 35 cm Kelly bag went on the market. In 1956, because Princess Grace · Kelly of Monaco liked to use it, Hermes President Robert Dumas officially changed its name to Kelly bag. The style includes 25, 28, 32, 35 cm, and mini sizes, with 33 kinds of materials and more than 209 colors. Because of its unique shape and details, it has become a source of inspiration for other commodities, such as Kelly watches, jewelry, women's clothing, etc., in the autumn and winter of 2003, the soft bag form of Kelly was launched; in the autumn and winter of 2004, Jean Paul Gaultier designed women's clothing for Hermès In the middle, the shape of the Kelly bag is changed into the form of a clutch.
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